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Stamford Sealcoating Loved By Customer

We were called out to do a driveway sealcoating service in Stamford. The homeowner, Carrie,  needed her driveway seal coated. The sealcoating would add curb appeal, but would also add durability and life to the current driveway. The crew arrived promptly on time, and started the sealcoating process. The crew worked until late afternoon to ensure the sealcoating was done for the homeowner. We finished the project, and asked the homeowner to do a final inspection. We don’t like to leave a project before the customer can check it over. The homeowner looked over the project and said it was great. We asked the homeowner how she found out about our company, and she said she did a search on Google. She said the search showed many previous customers reviews that were very good. We found out later that Carrie left us a review that said, “The All Star Paving and Sealing Company did a great job on my driveway. They were professional, prompt and offered me a reasonable price. I recommend this company for all driveway work.”

All Star Paving and Sealing would like to thank you for choosing our company, and trusting us with your driveway. We know it is important to have an attractive driveway, but also a safe one. We would like you to take advantage of many of our other driveway services too. We offer snow plowing, snow removal and a complete driveway maintenance program. Call the office, and let us set you up.

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