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New Canaan Driveway Makeover Looks Bright and Beautiful!

In New Canaan, one of our repeat customers called to have belgium block curbing installed and paved. We have serviced this customer before, so they knew our high quality of work is dependable. Our crew got to work and the finished product is beautiful! Our work made such a difference. The house looks so much brighter now next to the dark asphalt and pretty belgium border. When we were done our customer said, “the job looks wonderful!”

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New Canaan Belgium Block New Canaan Belgium Block

New Greenwich Driveway Solution

In Greenwich, our customer Tim Reynold, was needing having issues with his driveway. He had seagulls repeatedly drop shells on his driveway, causing a mess that he kept having to clean up. His driveway also had much damage from the previous years and weather damage. He called us after he spoke with his neighbor who was having a similar issue. We gave him an estimate, we decided that to re-do the pavement, it all had to be ripped out, graded and paved. He mentioned how seagulls had been constantly dropping shells on the driveway, so we advised adding reef shells to the mix. We came out to the site and went to work. We were able to complete the project within a few days. Tim mentioned how the quality of our work is wonderful and he no longer had issues with the seagulls. He commented, “this is just what we needed, and it worked!” Check out the photo below to see our work!

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Greenwich new driveway