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Stamford Overlay Pleases Customer with Service and Price!

We were called out to Stamford to do a parking lot repair for a customer, Hayden . Hayden’s parking lot needed to have an overlay done. The base was in good shape, but the cracks and small potholes had started. The overlay would make the parking lot safe, and look attractive. We arrived promptly on time, and started working on the parking lot repair. We worked until we had the parking lot repair completed. We called the customer the next day to let us know if the parking lot looked good, because he was not on site when we finished. The customer told us that the parking lot looked great. He said he was really happy with the end results. While we had him on the phone we asked him how he heard about our company, and he said a friend referred him to us. We invited him to leave us any feedback online, and he did a few days later. The feedback was short and to the point, which said,” This company did a great job! Very professional, promptly, and right on the price.”

We would like to thank you for trusting us with your parking lot. All Star Paving & Sealing offers many other services too. We offer parking lot sealing, annual maintenance, and we are a complete asphalt company. Call us anytime you need any parking lot or asphalt services in the future. We appreciate our customers. For more information on our Stamford services, click here!

Stamford overlay parking lot