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When Can I Drive Or Park On New Asphalt?

When a homeowner is considering having a new asphalt driveway installed, one of the most important questions a homeowner would like to know is when they will be able to use the driveway. It can be an inconvenience to not be able to drive or park in the driveway, but refraining from doing so for the appropriate time will ensure that there will be no damage to the new asphalt.

The answer to this question can depend on a few factors. One of these factors is the time of the year that the asphalt was laid. In most cases, the homeowner can drive and park on new asphalt within three days. If the new asphalt was added to the home sometime in the hot months of summer, then the homeowner may want to wait a few extra days. The hot weather can add an increased temperature to the asphalt, and the asphalt will hold in this added heat. This can make the new asphalt susceptible to structure damages.

New asphalt can take between six months to a year to fully harden and cure. This time the new asphalt is very susceptible to structural and physical damage. The new asphalt can take on scuff marks in the heat along with becoming very hot. The scuff marks will go away as the new asphalt cures or the temperature cools down.

Walking on the new asphalt can be done in 24 hours, but you should not walk on the new asphalt with high heels or shoes with points. The heels can dig into the new asphalt, causing ruts and holes in the new asphalt. Any sharp shoes such as heels or soccer cleats need to stay off the concrete until it has fully cured.

While the asphalt is curing, these tips will keep the asphalt safe:

*No driving on the asphalt for up to three days, longer if the temperature is hot
*Don’t drive on the edges of the asphalt.
*Try not to use motorcycle or bike stands on the uncured asphalt.
*No heavy trucks on the asphalt.
*Avoid pouring gas or oil on the asphalt.

These tips are just added insurance for producing a safe new asphalt. Driving on new asphalt can usually be done within three days, but the weather can change this. Ask your asphalt contractor to be sure when you can drive or park on the new asphalt.

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What Determines The Price Of An Asphalt Project?

Knowing how contractors calculate and determine the price of an asphalt project will allow you to know what to expect when planning an asphalt project. There is more to the completion of a successful asphalt project than what most consumers may realize. The asphalt is a very detail-oriented project that consists of materials, equipment, employees, and much more. To find out what determines the price of an asphalt project, take a look into how contractors calculate and determine the costs.

  1. The first thing that will determine the price of an asphalt project is the price of crude oil and other petroleum based products. These products are needed to perform an asphalt project. When the price of crude oil drastically increases, the price of the asphalt project will also be higher.
  2. The total square footage of the driveway will determine the cost. A smaller driveway will cost less than a larger driveway. If the driveway or area where the asphalt will be installed needs to be prepped for the asphalt, this process will also be considered. The area has to have an excellent draining system before the asphalt is laid so the asphalt will hold up. If the area needs to have an excavation done, then this will also add to the cost of the asphalt.
  3. The equipment will be considered in the price, including how many trucks and heavy equipment is needed to install the asphalt.
  4. How many employees will be needed for the asphalt project? The contractor will determine how many employees they will need to do the project.
  5. The materials such as rock, sand, and asphalt cement will be calculated for the project.

This is just a small glimpse on how a contractor will determine the cost of an asphalt project. There are so many factors that have to be considered. Any contractor that quotes a bid of $2 a square foot can’t be an honest contractor. There is no way a contractor estimate your project without seeing and inspecting the area where the asphalt will be installed, so always be on alert if this happens to you.

To know the exact price of an asphalt project, have a professional contractor come to your home. Let the contractor go over the area, then calculate what the price will be. Make sure the contractor give you a written bid for the asphalt project, but don’t stop there! Call a different contractor to get a separate bid to compare the first bid to. If there isn’t much difference in the price, then you most likely have two professional contractors that are more than capable of doing your asphalt project. The hard decision is selecting the best contractor.

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