Parking Lot Rebuild Stamford, CT

Parking Lot Rebuild Stamford, CT

Parking Lot Rebuild in Stamford

We were called recently by a large property management company about a parking lot in one of their properties in Stamford.  The Parking lot was beyond it’s useful life and had many problem areas.  (Water problems, cracking, crumbling etc)

After our assessment the property management company and condo board agreed that an entire rebuild of the parking lot would be the best action to take.

We removed the entire asphalt surface, re-graded the parking lot and paved it with 1.5″ of binder and 1.5″ of topcoat.  Additionally, we rebuilt the catch basin which should definitely help the property in the future.

The results turned out great.  Both the Condo board and the property management company were very pleased as we finished ahead of schedule.

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