Parking Lot Maintenance Enhances Property in Greenwich

Parking Lot Maintenance Enhances Property in Greenwich

We were scheduled to give service to a customer in Greenwich. The customer needed parking lot maintenance, including: crack filling, pothole repairs and filling, then a sealcoating to top it off. The crew showed up on Saturday morning, as scheduled. The crew repaired the parking lot problems, then started the sealcoating. It took a few days to complete with the different steps that are included. After, we cleaned and packed up our equipment.

The office called the customer on Monday to find out if he was pleased with his parking lot maintenance. The customer said that he was pleased and the parking lot looked amazing! He said he was happy that he had maintenance done, so he didn’t have to worry about further parking lot repairs because our company was always on top of any problems.

All Star Paving & Sealing would like to thank you for trusting us with your parking lot. We also want to thank you for your review. Customer reviews are very important to us, because it lets us know that we are providing excellent services. It also lets Greenwich residents know that they can count on All Star Paving & Sealing for all of their driveway and parking lot needs. Our services include: driveway repairs and installations, sealcoating, and all maintenances on driveways.

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