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Wilton Cracked Pavement Repair

Kellan Jackson from Wilton, CT, called us after his friend recommended us to him. He works for a large factory that was needing the pavement to be reclaimed, graded, paved binder course and wearing course. A binder course is a course aggregate bound with bitumen between the foundation and wearing course of an asphalt pavement. A wearing course is the upper layer that is on the baser course or subbase. There are different types meant for different surfaces. The original pavement was cracked and needed to be re-done. Our crew got to work and we were able to meet the set deadline. Kellan was pleased with us because since it is a 24 hour factory, it was important that we met all deadlines.

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Wilton Factory Pavement Redone Wilton Factory Pavement Redone

Wilton ASML Factory Parking Lot

In Wilton, we were contacted to complete the ASML Factory, which is over 140,000 square feet. We understand the need for parking lot space, so we worked diligently and efficiently to complete this project for our client. Our technicians reclaimed the parking lot, graded it, paved a binder, and covered the entire lot with a top coat. We were able to complete this project in 8 full business days.

Wilton Factory Aug 8

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Wilton Factory Aug 8 #2Wilton Factory Aug 8 #3