White Plains Asphalt Paving & Sealing

White Plains, NY

All Star Paving works with White Plains Residents!

At All Star Paving, we understand your concerns and respect your precious time, which is why we work to build a strong, long term relationship with all of out White Plains customers. As the leader of the industry in the White Plains area, we provide you with honest, caring, knowledgeable professionals that are sure to meet each and every one of your paving needs.

White Plains Residents: Asphalt Paving with All Star

We work with you to create a beautiful new surface for your driveway or commercial space, including:

  • New Driveway Installation: we remove any trees and stumps and hog out all of the organic material to make room for the new road base
  • Remove and Replace: remove all existing asphalt, leave your existing base material, and add road base
  • Asphalt Overlay: paving over an existing asphalt surface

Driveway Maintenance in White Plains

We are here for you with any issue you may have with your driveway, from installation to:

  • Driveway Sealcoating: a preventative measure to ensure the longevity of your driveway
  • Crack Filling: our rubber based product is designed to expand and contract as the weather changes

White Plains residents, contact us today for a free quote regarding your asphalt needs!


All About White Plains, New York

White Plains, New York is part of Westchester County, an affluent suburban county that is home to almost one million people, just north of New York City. As of 2011, the city’s total population was at 57,258. The median income for a household in the city is $58,545.

The city has a wide variety of recreation programs, high quality parks and facilities, many specials events, a bustling downtown that offers spectacular restaurants and shops. White Plains is known for its celebration of diverse cultures seen in its many organizations, such as Arts Westchester, White Plains Performing Arts Center, White Plains Outdoor Arts Festival and the Music Conservatory of Westchester. A major draw of visitors is the White Plains Farmers’ market which operates year round, which also provides live music.

The economy of White Plains thrives due to the large companies that have relocated to the city such as ITT, Xylem, Bunge, and Combe. Other companies in White Plains include Alliance Bernstein, Dannon, and Krasdale Foods.