Weston Asphalt Paving & Sealing

Weston, CT

Weston Residents: Asphalt Paving with All Star

We understand the importance of trust and efficiency when it comes to selecting an asphalt company, which is why All Star Paving is the best option for all Weston residents! We pride ourselves on being able to complete every project in a timely manner with high quality products and services.

We work with you to create a beautiful new surface for your driveway or commercial space, including:

  • New Driveway Installation: we remove any trees and stumps and hog out all of the organic material to make room for the new road base
  • Remove and Replace: remove all existing asphalt, leave your existing base material, and add road base
  • Asphalt Overlay: paving over an existing asphalt surface

Driveway Maintenance in Weston

We are here for you with any issue you may have with your driveway, from installation to:

  • Driveway Sealcoating: a preventative measure to ensure the longevity of your driveway
  • Crack Filling: our rubber based product is designed to expand and contract as the weather changes

Weston residents, contact us today for a free quote regarding your asphalt needs!

All About Weston, Connecticut

Weston, Connecticut was named the #1 town in Connecticut among towns with a population of 10-15,000 by Connecticut Magazine in 2011. The criteria for voting considered education, crime, economy, cost, and leisure.

With a population of 10,179, Weston does not have significant commercial development aside from a few stores that create the center of the town. Because of this more residential development, approximately 19% of the town commutes to New York City for work, which is about 45 miles southwest of the town. Weston does have the third-highest median household income in Fairfield County, Connecticut at $180,321.

The landscape of Weston is primarily open spaces and one fourth of the town is permanently open space, including Devil’s Den Preserve, Bisceglie Park with baseball fields, swimming hole, and a jogging trail; Morehouse Farm Park, Keene Park, and land around the Saugatuck Resevoir with trails and the opportunity to fish.

Famous people that live or have lived in Weston, Connecticut include actress Bette Davis, former Wimbledon Boys’ Champion Stanley Matthews, actors Robert Redford, Jacob Pitts, Frank Converse; member of The Rolling Stones band Keith Richards, and many more.