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Sealcoat for Norwalk Parking Lot Makes Dramatic Improvement!

We were scheduled to service parking lot with sealcoating for a customer in Norwalk, CT. The customer had a small appliance store and his parking lot needed to be updated. The customer wanted to the parking lot to look appealing for his customers, but to also be safe. The crew arrived promptly on time on Saturday morning, because the customer wanted the sealcoating done on the weekends when his store was closed. The crew worked all day Saturday filling cracks and holes that was in the current asphalt, then returned on Sunday to apply the sealcoating. We contacted the customer Monday morning to see how he liked his parking lot, and he said, “The parking lot looks great. I can’t get over the transformation! The employees didn’t leave or make any messes. It turned out wonderful.”

While we had the customer on the phone we asked him how he heard about our services, and he said he search on Google, and All Star Paving appeared, so he read all the reviews from past customers and he called us out to give a bid. He said he called two other companies and our company was the only one that offered complete services, and would do the work on the weekends. The customer went online a few days later and left a review that said, “All Star Paving did an excellent job on my parking lot. The parking lot looks brand new! It has never looked this good. The company did my parking lot over the weekend. I highly recommend them for all parking lots. Great job!”

We can keep your parking lot looking good, safe, and remove the snow and ice with our parking lot maintenance programs. Click here for more information on our Norwalk parking lot services!

Norwalk sealcoat

Busy Darien Parking Lot Receives Crack & Pothole Repair

Our customer had a busy business located in Darien, and the parking lot was getting a lot of traffic. Over time, the traffic lead the asphalt to needing extensive repairs. He called us to check out his parking lot and scheduled us for two weeks out. The day we came out, we found the cracks and potholes were starting to affect the base of the asphalt. If these repairs were left untouched, the customer would face much higher costs in the near future.  Our crew worked until it started to get dark, then returned on the following day to finish the repairs. We added sealcoating once the repairs were made and closed off the wet asphalt with tape.

The customer said the parking lot looked amazing. He said he couldn’t believe that was the same parking lot when he arrived at his business. He said, “the All Star Paving & Sealing Company did a wonderful job on my parking lot. I couldn’t believe the transformation. The employees were very professional and prompt. They gave me a price, and the price didn’t change when the parking lot was done. I recommend All Star Paving & Sealing for all parking lots.”

All Star Paving & Sealing would like to thank you for choosing us, and for trusting us with your parking lot. We offer parking lot repairs, replacements, installations, and maintenance. Click here for more information on Darien’s leading asphalt company!

Darien parking lot sealcoat

Sealcoating Transforms Norwalk Driveway

A customer in Norwalk scheduled us to repair her driveway. It had small cracks throughout and appeared to look years older than it actually was. She called us to come to her home to see what we could do. We determined that the driveway just needed to be sealed to fill in the cracks and also prevent damage to the base of the driveway.

Our crew arrived at her home after we scheduled the service. We started prepping the driveway, cleaned it, then began the sealing service. We filled the cracks and seal coated the entire driveway. It was a dramatic transformation from the faded black asphalt to the new deep black color. Our customer came out to see our finished work and she loved it! She said she was felt the new asphalt added great curb appeal and made her home look younger.

All Star Paving provides other services as well that include: driveway paving, repairs, and maintenance. You can find more information about each service when you visit our website here:

Hidden norwalk driveway sealcoat Hidden norwalk driveway sealcoating



Norwalk Customer’s Routine Driveway Crack Repair

We had a customer in Norwalk who had a driveway with several cracks in her asphalt driveway. This can be caused from the weather changes and expanding of the asphalt. The cracks need to be repaired to avoid water from seeping in and causing additional damage to the structure. We had previously serviced this customer years ago when she first got the asphalt installed. We needed to do some light maintenance work to extend the life of the driveway. To do this, we used hot pour crack filler for the repair. We expect this single service to last for a few years, as it expands and contracts with the weather changes.

Our customer came outside to take a look at the finished work and she said we did a great job. She was able to see that all of the cracks had been filled and she was now ready for the future temperature changes!

All Star Paving & Sealing not only provides services for driveways, but parking lots, as well! We offer all of the services you could need to rejuvenate the look of your asphalt. For more information on the asphalt company Norwalk residents trust most, click here!

Norwalk driveway crack repair Norwalk driveway asphalt cracks

Darien Gravel Driveway to Asphalt

Our client in Darien had a gravel driveway that they were wanting to convert to asphalt to make the area more child-friendly. They wanted a trustworthy company that could do a great job, so they asked around. They heard such great reviews from All Star Paving & Sealing, so they contacted us. We came out to their location and once we completed the job, they said, “the job looks great!” We were just as happy that they liked their new driveway. Check out our work in the photos below!

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service with an honest and knowledgeable approach. From Driveway Paving to Parking Lot repair and construction, we’ve got you covered! To learn more about the driveway services we provide, click here!


Darien Driveway Darien Driveway

New Canaan Driveway Gets Repaved

In New Canaan, we were out servicing a customer who needed their private road to be ripped out, re-graded and repaved. This happened to be a repeat customer, after knowing that they could trust us to do a great job. We were able to finish the project in great time, with it being completed ahead of schedule. The homeowners were happy with the finished product and the quality of work within the short amount of time.

Thank you for putting your trust in All Star Paving and Sealing, LLC. For the Top Asphalt Paving company in the Greenwich, CT area, it’s All Star Paving. Our mission is Building long term working relationships with our clients by providing the highest quality service with an honest and knowledgeable approach. From Driveway Paving to Parking Lot repair and construction, we’ve got you covered! For more information and a free estimate, visit us at To learn more about our asphalt driveway paving services, click here.