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Copy Shop Needs Asphalt Repair in Bedford

A Bedford copy shop needed their parking lot repaired. The owner noticed that it had developed many cracks and a few chips had turned into potholes. The owner knew that he had let the parking lot repairs go for too long and needed to have it fixed quickly. He called the company providing the best Bedford asphalt repair, which was All Star Paving.

We were able to perform the necessary repairs in just under a full day, and the owner of shop was very happy at the improved appearance and functionality of the shop. All Star Paving knew that the customer needed this repairs done quickly, and our crew made sure that each pothole and crack was filled and patched, then our crew added sealcoating to the parking lot. The sealcoating was just what the parking lot needed to provide with added strength and durability, and the sealcoating would also make the parking lot look brand new. The customer and his employees looked at the finished parking lot and they were all thrilled with the new look. A few of the employees said it looked like we put a whole new parking lot in instead of doing repairs. The copy shop owner said he really appreciated our hard work and professionalism and he would sure let all his friends with businesses know that they should all call All Star Paving for quality asphalt repair in Bedford because we are the best in the industry.

Norwalk Paving Company is Recognized as All Star

All Star Paving & Sealing was scheduled for a routine parking lot maintenance for a customer in Norwalk. The customer set up a routine parking lot maintenance for their business. He called us because he knew that we provided the best paving Norwalk had available. The maintenance that the crew was scheduled to perform was filling all cracks and holes, then sealcoating the parking lot, and adding new stripes on the parking lot. The crew arrived bright and early Saturday morning. The business owner wanted his maintenance done when his business was not in operation. The crew began filling all the cracks and holes, then prepping the parking lot for the sealcoating. The crew returned Sunday morning to add the parking lot stripes. We called the customer Monday to see if he was pleased with the maintenance on his parking lot, and he said, yes. He said he was pleasantly surprised when he arrived to his business, because it looked like he just had a new parking lot installed. He said he was very happy with the work. We received a ‘thank you’ card from the customer that said, “Thank you for such a great job done on my parking lot. Your team did a great job. I am glad that I choose to have the parking lot maintenance for my parking lot.”

We would like to thank you for trusting us, and choosing All Star Paving & Sealing for you parking lot. We are glad that you have choose the parking lot maintenance for your parking lot, because this will keep your parking lot safe, secure, and looking great. We just wanted to let you know that we offer snow removal too for parking lots. We know how hectic it can be when snow needs to be removed. Set up your snow removal, so your parking lot is safe for your customers. All Star Paving & Sealing is the only parking lot provider that does it all.

Food Market Calls in the Top Easton Asphalt Contractor

We received a call from a popular organic foods market owner in Easton. The owner wanted to expand their driveway, and add a small area for a bike rack to accommodate their loyal customers, so they called the most qualified asphalt contractor Easton had to offer, All Star Paving & Sealing. A couple of the All Star Paving & Sealing team met with the owner at the market to see exactly what he had in mind with the driveway expansion. He showed us how he wanted to extend the driveway, and where he would like the bike rack to be located. We assured him that we could indeed meet his expectations, and gave him a quote that no other asphalt contractor Easton could provide. The owner wanted us to start on the project in two days, because that was his slowest day.

The All Star Paving & Sealing crew arrived at the market and began doing the asphalt driveway work. By late afternoon, we had the driveway extended, and the bike rack area installed. The owner couldn’t believe how quick and wonderful the work was done. The customer contacted us a month later to let us know that the driveway is really a benefit to him and his customers. He had seen an increase of twenty percent in sales since the installation. The bike rack is always full, and his customers are very pleased with the updates that we provided for the market.

Norwalk Asphalt Gives Gas Station Huge Improvement

A Norwalk gas station owner was trying to think of ways to increase his business. His wife suggested adding a car wash to the gas station because many car owners like to fill up on gas and have their car washed. The owner agreed with his wife, and starting planning on adding a car wash to their premises so they first got a quote for asphalt Norwalk drivers could count on even when exposed to cleaning solutions regularly, which was All Star Paving & Sealing.

All Star Paving & Sealing provided them with a free estimate and assurances that the job would be no problem for us, because we are the asphalt Norwalk specialists. The couple agreed, and hired All Star Paving & Sealing for the car wash expansion. The All Star Paving & Sealing crew started on the expansion, and within a week we had the car wash ready for business. The couple started a promotion for their customers that allowed each customer that filled up to receive a free car wash, and the cars were lining up for this deal. All the regular customers asked who installed the asphalt car wash, and were told that the asphalt leaders in Norwalk had done the job. Their car wash is now paying for itself, and the owners agree that it was a very wise choice to invest in their growing business.

Fairfield Driveway Contractor Repairs Damage Quickly

All Star Paving & Sealing was contacted by a young man in Fairfield. The man had recently rented a dumpster that was rolled off onto his driveway. He was doing some spring cleaning, and he knew he would need a dumpster to remove all the junk from his home. Everything was fine until he had filled the dumpster with lots of old refuse. As the weight increased, it caused a large crack in his driveway. He called All Star Paving & Sealing to see if we were the Fairfield Driveway Contractor that could help him. We assured him there was nothing he could throw at us that we haven’t seen before.

The All Star Paving & Sealing crew arrived at the home, and inspected the crack in the driveway. We suggested having some driveway patching done because this would allow us to repair the crack and leave the rest of the driveway is in great shape. Afterwards, we would apply sealcoating so the appearance in the driveway would match, and it would add extra protection and durability to the driveway as a whole. The customer agreed, and our crew started immediately. Once the driveway was patched and the crack was filled the sealcoating was applied. The driveway looked like a new driveway had been laid. You couldn’t even tell that there was ever a huge crack in the driveway. The customer was so glad that he called All Star Paving & Sealing who was able to repair the driveway quickly and easily, and he said he had found the number one driveway contractor Fairfield homeowners should contact, All Star Paving & Sealing.

Driveway Paving in Bedford Family Make a Sale!

A Bedford family had done a lot of cleaning in their house this summer and wanted to have a garage sale, which made them take a look at the curb appearance of their home. They all agreed that their driveway was in rough shape, and called All Star Paving & Sealing to have their Bedford driveway paving done. All Star Paving & Sealing took a look at the driveway, and agreed that the driveway was in need of repaving. We gave the parents a quote that they approved of. they wanted us to start quickly, because they wanted to have their garage sale soon.

The All Star Paving & Sealing crew arrived on time and as scheduled. They started the repaving project and within two days we had the repaving complete. The entire family came out and took a look at the driveway and said it looked amazing! The following weekend the family had their garage sale, and they credit the success of their garage sale in part to their handsome and improved driveway that All Star Paving & Sealing had supplied for them. Not only did they get rid of most of their items and make some money, but they now have a nice, smooth, and attractive driveway that will last them for years. Some of their neighbors have asked them who they called, and they said the Bedford driveway paving experts, All Star Paving & Sealing. We always give a good price and are sure to do a great job performing the asphalt services we do best.

Norwalk Parking Lot Repair for Local Business Owner

A business owner in Norwalk called us out to do a parking lot repair for his business. The business owner, Trish Calvin owned a business, and her parking lot had several potholes, cracks, and was very unappealing. Trish wanted her parking lot repaired, so her customers would not be injured, and their vehicles would be safe. The crew arrived on time, as scheduled and started to repair the parking lot problems. The crew worked until the project was completed. We invited Trish to take a look at the repairs, because we want to make sure the customer is pleased before we leave. Trish came to look at the parking lot, and said it looked great. She was talking with us about her parking lot, and we asked her in the conversation where she heard about All Star Paving & Sealing. She said she found us on Google. She said she wanted a parking lot repair company in Norwalk with a good reputation, and All Star Paving & Sealing was the only company that met her requirements. We found out a week later that Trish went online and left us a feedback on our work. The feedback said, “The All Star Paving & Sealing did an excellent job repairing my parking lot. The worked around my schedule, arrived on time, and was very professional, efficient, and affordable. I would recommend their services to any business in Norwalk.”

All Star Paving & Sealing would like to thank you for trusting us with your parking lot. We are Norwalk’s parking lot repair and maintenance specialists. We thrive on assisting businesses with an excellent parking lot that they can be proud of. We wanted to let you know that we offer other services too. We offer parking lot installations, repairs, and all parking lot maintenance. Give us a call anytime you need our services.

Reputation Restoration through Bedford Parking Lot Repairs

A few weeks ago a Bedford property manager contacted All Star Paving. The Bedford maintenance manager was struggling to patch the holes and cracks in the parking lot that he was in charge of. He had been patching the holes and cracks, but the parking lot had lost the curb appeal, and the manager was worried about the safety of the parking lot along with the appearance. The parking lot manager contacted All Star paving, because he finally received the funds from the property owners to perform the necessary repairs that the parking lot needed by a professional asphalt company. The parking lot manager wanted All Star Paving to perform Bedford parking lot repairs.

All Star Paving was glad that we were able to help this client, because we understand how difficult and frustrating it can be when you try to patch a parking lot, but it isn’t effective. The All Star Paving team arrived at the property and went to work repairing the parking lot. The All Star Paving team was able to repair the Bedford parking lot exactly like the maintenance manager wanted and needed. He was very happy that All Star Paving was doing the job and it was out of his hands. The manager let us know that our team did a fantastic job on the parking lot, and all the repairs were done with professionalism and excellence. The parking lot is now safe and has the curb appeal that the property owners wanted.

Parking Lot Maintenance Enhances Property in Greenwich

We were scheduled to give service to a customer in Greenwich. The customer needed parking lot maintenance, including: crack filling, pothole repairs and filling, then a sealcoating to top it off. The crew showed up on Saturday morning, as scheduled. The crew repaired the parking lot problems, then started the sealcoating. It took a few days to complete with the different steps that are included. After, we cleaned and packed up our equipment.

The office called the customer on Monday to find out if he was pleased with his parking lot maintenance. The customer said that he was pleased and the parking lot looked amazing! He said he was happy that he had maintenance done, so he didn’t have to worry about further parking lot repairs because our company was always on top of any problems.

All Star Paving & Sealing would like to thank you for trusting us with your parking lot. We also want to thank you for your review. Customer reviews are very important to us, because it lets us know that we are providing excellent services. It also lets Greenwich residents know that they can count on All Star Paving & Sealing for all of their driveway and parking lot needs. Our services include: driveway repairs and installations, sealcoating, and all maintenances on driveways.

For more information on Greenwich’s trusted parking lot maintenance, click here!

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Westport Parking Lot Deteriorated After Years of No Maintenance

All Star Paving & Sealing was called out to Westport to give service to a customer. He wanted his parking lot seal coated. The parking lot had become worn out over time, and potholes had formed. The  potholes and cracks would eventually deteriorate the subbase of the asphalt on the parking lot and cause critical damage that would end up costing the customer a lot of money. The team arrived on time, and started to fill the potholes. There were several cracks that needed to be filled, too.

Once the team repaired the parking lot, they started to sealcoat the lot. They completed the parking lot and asked the customer to take a look at the work. The customer told us that he had never had any repairs done to the parking lot and he was starting to get concerned when all of the potholes were forming. He said he went on Google and did a search, and our company was the top provider, so he called us.

All Star Paving & Sealing would like to thank you for trusting us with your parking lot. We thrive on providing excellent parking lot sealcoating and services. We have been providing parking lot services for over twenty years, and would like to let you know that we offer parking lot maintenance, repairs, and installations. Call All Star Paving & Sealing for all your parking lot problems!

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