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Pavement Repair in Stratford, CT

Back in 1999, two friends with twenty years experience each joined forces to create All Star Paving & Sealing, and they’ve become the Stratford, CT area’s leading paving and construction company. Their experience means they are very knowledgeable about all kinds of construction projects, but they focus on paving in order to help their Connecticut neighbors with driveways, parking lots, and safe roads. 

The asphalt paving experts at All Star Paving and Sealing were recently contacted by a Stratford, CT property owner about a deteriorating private roadway. Another construction contractor was working on an underground water leak, and they referred the client to us for paving the road. 

The client’s private road was deteriorating due to drainage issues. Every time it rained even half an inch, the roadway got waterlogged and developed big puddles. This is a common problem with asphalt paving, where water stands on the surface and gets into cracks, then freezes when the temperature drops, leading to bigger cracks and even potholes. To fix this issue, the asphalt experts at All Star Paving & Sealing knew they had to create a perfectly graded roadway that would let water flow away from the paving.

After our friends had fixed the underground water leaks, our knowledgeable asphalt contractors quickly got to work. First they laid down a thick gravel substrate to ensure proper drainage, and then they poured a two inch thick layer of asphalt to create a smooth, jet black roadway. After the asphalt had cured, they installed new drainage ditches and expertly repaired the concrete curbs. Our Stratford, CT client was overjoyed with the work and was pleased that he didn’t have to worry about puddles anymore!

Stratford Asphalt Patching

Stratford Asphalt Patching

We love getting the opportunity to work with client’s we have previously done work for, as it reassures that our work is the highest quality in the area. Our client is Stratford is one of these loyal customers, as we paved a large parking lot for them back in 2012. It turns out, they needed our services again and gave us a call, and we could not have been more happy!

3-4-14 Stratford 3-4-14 Stratford 2

This time, we were contacted to create an elevated patch for the installation of a large industrial generator. The patch needed to be almost level to the generator, but have enough pitch for the water to run. They were happy with the completed project and made sure to let us know that they will call us next time they need our services!