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Hardware Store Calls for Annual Parking Lot Maintenance in Greenwich

The All Star Paving & Sealing experts received a call from a business owner in Greenwich. The hardware store owner was doing an overview of all their facilities and infrastructure and called us in for Greenwich parking lot maintenance. The hardware store owner always does an overview of his business around the start of the year because he knows that if he sees a problem starting, then he has it looked at and repaired. As a wise business owner he knows that leaving things undone will only cost him more money in the long run.

We set up a time and day that was convenient for the customer, then our crew arrived promptly as scheduled. Our crew performed only some simple crack sealing and filled just one pothole. The owner of the store was glad that he called us for regular service, because he knew it was saving himself a lot of money later. The All Star Paving & Sealing was able to get these minor repairs and maintenance done for the customer in just one day, which was pleasing to the customer because he doesn’t want his customers to be inconvenienced with work being performed at his business. The customer thanked the All Star Paving & Sealing crew for doing a great job and was very happy he called All Star Paving & Sealing in Greenwich for quality parking lot maintenance for his business. The crew let him know that if he had regular maintenance done his parking lot would last him for many years.

Stamford Parking Lot Paving Never Looked So Good!

All Star Paving & Sealing was scheduled to give parking lot repair service to a customer in Stamford, Connecticut. The customer, Brandon Ellis parking lot had become dangerous for his customers, because there were several pot holes, and the striping had become faded. The All Star Paving & Sealing team arrived on time, and began filling the pot holes. Once we filled the pot holes, we also repaired cracks in the parking lot, then began to pave the parking lot. The next day we returned to stripe the parking lot. We finished the job ahead of schedule, then asked the business owner to do a final inspection of the parking lot. The business owner came out and thoroughly looked over the parking lot. He said the parking lot had never looked so good. He said that the parking lot was inviting, safe and looked great. He thanked us over and over. We asked him while we were talking to him, and asked him where he heard about our company, and he said he did a search online. He said all of our past customer reviews is the main reason he choose us. A week later this customer went online and left us a review that said, “This Company is great! They arrived on time, and worked on my parking lot. They even did work that I didn’t expect. The price was exactly as bid. I am pleased with the work they did on my parking lot, and I recommend All Star Paving & Sealing for anyone with parking lot problems”.

All Star Paving & Sealing would like to thank you for choosing us, and trusting us with your parking lot. We also appreciate the nice feedback that you left for our company. It makes us proud when we see such nice reviews, because this lets us know we are doing our job correctly. We just wanted to let you know that we provide other services too, which include parking lot maintenance, snow plowing and removal, and all asphalt work. Call the office today, and set up your parking lot maintenance. This will keep your parking lot looking good, but safe as well.  For more information on our Stamford parking lot paving services, click here!

Stamford parking lot paving service

New Paved Parking Lot in Darien

 In Darien, our client was needing their parking lot to be paved. They had heard about us through a referral. For this job, we ripped out, re-graded and re-paved the parking lot. We installed all new Belgium block curbing, and rebuilt all catch basins. We also installed light pole bases and conduit for new parking and lighting. Our client said that all of the work was completed in a timely fashion and the job looks great! In the pictures below, you can see the progress of it all, in addition to the final result.

Thank you for putting your trust in All Star Paving and Sealing, LLC. For the Top Asphalt Paving company in the Greenwich CT area, it’s All Star Paving. Our mission is Building long term working relationships with our clients by providing the highest quality service with an honest and knowledgeable approach. From Driveway Paving to Parking Lot repair and construction, we’ve got you covered!

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