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Hardware Store Calls for Annual Parking Lot Maintenance in Greenwich

The All Star Paving & Sealing experts received a call from a business owner in Greenwich. The hardware store owner was doing an overview of all their facilities and infrastructure and called us in for Greenwich parking lot maintenance. The hardware store owner always does an overview of his business around the start of the year because he knows that if he sees a problem starting, then he has it looked at and repaired. As a wise business owner he knows that leaving things undone will only cost him more money in the long run.

We set up a time and day that was convenient for the customer, then our crew arrived promptly as scheduled. Our crew performed only some simple crack sealing and filled just one pothole. The owner of the store was glad that he called us for regular service, because he knew it was saving himself a lot of money later. The All Star Paving & Sealing was able to get these minor repairs and maintenance done for the customer in just one day, which was pleasing to the customer because he doesn’t want his customers to be inconvenienced with work being performed at his business. The customer thanked the All Star Paving & Sealing crew for doing a great job and was very happy he called All Star Paving & Sealing in Greenwich for quality parking lot maintenance for his business. The crew let him know that if he had regular maintenance done his parking lot would last him for many years.

Weston Parking Lot Maintenance for Local Toy Store

A toy store was needing fast parking lot maintenance in Weston after all of the holiday shopping rushes were over. The toy store owner noticed when going to the store that the parking lot needed attention quickly, because his store had received so much traffic during the holiday season that the traffic really added stress to his parking lot. He was very glad to call All Star Paving for the project because it ended up being done quickly and effectively.

The All Star Paving crew arrived at the toy store and started on the maintenance. The parking lot needed to have potholes patched and sealcoating applied, then the crew was going to restripe the parking lot. The crew made sure not to interrupt the business that the toy store was receiving as there was many parents bringing their children to the store to exchange or purchase toys that they hadn’t received on their Christmas list. The All Star Paving crew was able to get the work done right on schedule. The toy store owner was pleased with the work that the crew had performed and he knew he could trust the All Star Paving crew to be safe, especially around lots of children. The customer said that he was happy that he called All Star Paving for the best parking lot maintenance Weston business owners could trust and depend upon, and because our crew and company went that extra mile to get the job done and provide safety too.

Small Parking Lot Needs Crack Fill & Repair in Greenwich

We were scheduled in Greenwich to repair a parking lot for a customer. The customer had a small parking lot that had several issues that needed addressed. The parking lot had cracks that started to form and needed repair. It’s a good thing that the customer called us out when they did, because cracks left unattended to will start to effect the base of the parking lot. Moisture gets into them and can cause extensive damages. The All Star Paving crew arrived on time as scheduled by the customer. The crew immediately started filling in the cracks and repairing the parking lot. Once the repairs were made, we asked the customer to look over the work that was performed. The customer walked around, and said, “The parking lot looks a lot better!”

Keeping your parking lot maintained will help increase the safety and help it last longer. You will also be able to go longer without needing additional work done. We offer a list of services at All Star Paving. These can be found on our website here:

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Parking Lot Paving Saves Replacement

We were called out to give service to a customer in Stamford. The customer, Kelly, needed to have her parking lot serviced. The parking lot had several pot holes and cracks that needed attention, then the parking lot needed a complete paving. We arrived promptly on time as scheduled, then begun filling the holes and cracks. Once we had those issues corrected, we begun the parking lot paving process. We completed the job and asked the customer to come and look over the parking lot. Kelly Henderson said, “Wow, the parking lot looks amazing.” We let the customer know that if she had any issues to just give us a call. The customer was so happy with our work that she went online and left us a review, which said, “The All Star Paving and Sealing Company did an amazing job on my parking lot. They showed up right on time, and worked until the job was done. I was impressed on how the parking lot turned out. I would recommend this company for any parking lot problems.”

All Star Paving and Sealing would like to thank you for your kind reviews. We also wanted to thank you for trusting us with your parking lot. We know your parking lot is the first thing that customers see, and it should look attractive, but be safe too. All Star Paving and Sealing also does other parking lot services, which include patching, sealcoating, striping and snow plow and snow removal. Give us a call and schedule your parking lot services today.

For more information on our asphalt services, click here!

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Darien Parking Lot Re-Installation

Darien Parking Lot Referral

We tend to receive a lot of new clients through clients that have worked with us in the past, as they have had a great experience with our entire crew and love the results. We know that no matter what the need or service is, you want to make sure the quality is worth the priced value. Because we understand this, we always deliver results that will last as long as possible.

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Parking Lot Re-Paving in Darien

For our new client, we performed an all over parking lot re-installation. We riped out, re-graded, re-paved the entire parking lot. We also installed all new Belgium block curbing, rebuilt all catch basins, and installed light pole bases and conduit for new parking lot lighting. Our client was pleased that “all the work was completed in a timely fashion and the job looks great!” Darien 3-6 3

Parking Lot Rebuild Stamford, CT

Parking Lot Rebuild in Stamford

We were called recently by a large property management company about a parking lot in one of their properties in Stamford.  The Parking lot was beyond it’s useful life and had many problem areas.  (Water problems, cracking, crumbling etc)

After our assessment the property management company and condo board agreed that an entire rebuild of the parking lot would be the best action to take.

We removed the entire asphalt surface, re-graded the parking lot and paved it with 1.5″ of binder and 1.5″ of topcoat.  Additionally, we rebuilt the catch basin which should definitely help the property in the future.

The results turned out great.  Both the Condo board and the property management company were very pleased as we finished ahead of schedule.

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