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Easton Parking Lot Wows Shoppers

A new retail center that needed the best parking lot paving Easton shoppers could count on called us All Star Paving. The new retail center development owner had been focusing on the all the stores that was going in the center and getting them all rented out and ready for a big grand opening. When he finally got all that underway he knew that he had to focus on the parking lot. He wanted the parking lot to be the best parking lot Easton had ever seen.

The All Star Paving experts met with the owner at the establishment and went over what the owner’s vision was with the new parking lot. We let him know that our crew was experts in the parking lot paving and we need the state codes and requirements for parking lot spaces. We gave him a bid and he accepted it, and our team was to start first thing Monday morning. The All Star Paving crew arrived at the location as scheduled and within a week the parking lot was completed. Everyone in the surrounding neighborhoods are really excited and can’t wait to visit the new retail center. They all are glad that entering and parking is a snap! The developer owner was pleased with the professionalism and speediness that All Star Paving provided for him. He plans on using our company for future projects, because we are the parking lot paving specialists Easton commuters would appreciate.

Stamford Parking Lot Paving Never Looked So Good!

All Star Paving & Sealing was scheduled to give parking lot repair service to a customer in Stamford, Connecticut. The customer, Brandon Ellis parking lot had become dangerous for his customers, because there were several pot holes, and the striping had become faded. The All Star Paving & Sealing team arrived on time, and began filling the pot holes. Once we filled the pot holes, we also repaired cracks in the parking lot, then began to pave the parking lot. The next day we returned to stripe the parking lot. We finished the job ahead of schedule, then asked the business owner to do a final inspection of the parking lot. The business owner came out and thoroughly looked over the parking lot. He said the parking lot had never looked so good. He said that the parking lot was inviting, safe and looked great. He thanked us over and over. We asked him while we were talking to him, and asked him where he heard about our company, and he said he did a search online. He said all of our past customer reviews is the main reason he choose us. A week later this customer went online and left us a review that said, “This Company is great! They arrived on time, and worked on my parking lot. They even did work that I didn’t expect. The price was exactly as bid. I am pleased with the work they did on my parking lot, and I recommend All Star Paving & Sealing for anyone with parking lot problems”.

All Star Paving & Sealing would like to thank you for choosing us, and trusting us with your parking lot. We also appreciate the nice feedback that you left for our company. It makes us proud when we see such nice reviews, because this lets us know we are doing our job correctly. We just wanted to let you know that we provide other services too, which include parking lot maintenance, snow plowing and removal, and all asphalt work. Call the office today, and set up your parking lot maintenance. This will keep your parking lot looking good, but safe as well.  For more information on our Stamford parking lot paving services, click here!

Stamford parking lot paving service

Parking Lot Paving Saves Replacement

We were called out to give service to a customer in Stamford. The customer, Kelly, needed to have her parking lot serviced. The parking lot had several pot holes and cracks that needed attention, then the parking lot needed a complete paving. We arrived promptly on time as scheduled, then begun filling the holes and cracks. Once we had those issues corrected, we begun the parking lot paving process. We completed the job and asked the customer to come and look over the parking lot. Kelly Henderson said, “Wow, the parking lot looks amazing.” We let the customer know that if she had any issues to just give us a call. The customer was so happy with our work that she went online and left us a review, which said, “The All Star Paving and Sealing Company did an amazing job on my parking lot. They showed up right on time, and worked until the job was done. I was impressed on how the parking lot turned out. I would recommend this company for any parking lot problems.”

All Star Paving and Sealing would like to thank you for your kind reviews. We also wanted to thank you for trusting us with your parking lot. We know your parking lot is the first thing that customers see, and it should look attractive, but be safe too. All Star Paving and Sealing also does other parking lot services, which include patching, sealcoating, striping and snow plow and snow removal. Give us a call and schedule your parking lot services today.

For more information on our asphalt services, click here!

Stamford asphalt paving parking lot

Parking Lot Repair Saves Hassle and Time

All Star Paving and Sealing was called to give service to a customer, Derrick, in Stamford, Connecticut. The customer needed to have his parking lot paved. The customer’s parking lot had a drainage issue, and this issue had caused the asphalt base to become damaged. It’s a good thing the customer called us when he did, because if the customer would have waited, the whole parking lot would have needed replaced. The All Star Paving crew arrived promptly on time, and begun working on the parking lot. It took us two days to complete the parking lot project, and we had the customer do a final inspection. The customer was very pleased with the job that we had done. We showed him how we repaired the drainage problem, and how that would never occur again. While we were talking with the customer we asked him how he found our company, and he said he did a search on Google. He said our reputation is what was why he choose us. We asked him to leave us any feedback, and a few days later he did. The feedback said, “All Star Paving and Sealing did a great job on my parking lot. They corrected a draining problem, then paved the parking lot. The employees were very professional. I recommend this company as they never went over the budget, and the work was outstanding.”

All Star Paving and Sealing would like to thank you for trusting us with your parking lot. We just wanted to let you know we also provide other services too. We do all concrete curbing and sidewalks, snow plowing and removal, and we are a complete asphalt paving and patching provider. Call us anytime you need any of our other services. For more information on our parking lot services, click here!

Stamford parking lot repair

Darien Parking Lot Re-Installation

Darien Parking Lot Referral

We tend to receive a lot of new clients through clients that have worked with us in the past, as they have had a great experience with our entire crew and love the results. We know that no matter what the need or service is, you want to make sure the quality is worth the priced value. Because we understand this, we always deliver results that will last as long as possible.

Darien 3-6 1 Darien 3-6 2

Parking Lot Re-Paving in Darien

For our new client, we performed an all over parking lot re-installation. We riped out, re-graded, re-paved the entire parking lot. We also installed all new Belgium block curbing, rebuilt all catch basins, and installed light pole bases and conduit for new parking lot lighting. Our client was pleased that “all the work was completed in a timely fashion and the job looks great!” Darien 3-6 3

Parking Lot Re-Paving Stamford

Stamford Parking Lot Re-Paving

3-6 Stamford lot

One of our loyal clients that we have worked with in the past was in need of our parking lot re-paving services. To make sure the parking lot was of the highest quality possible, we wanted to perform the proper project process in order for the surface to last as long as possible. We ripped out, regarded, and re-paved the entire parking lot. As seen above, we installed a new catch basin. Our client was very happy with the finished product.

Stamford Re-Grade Re-Pave Parking lot 3-5

Stamford Parking Lot Repaving

Asphalt Repaving: Stamford Church Parking Lot

A brand new repaving keeps your asphalt surface looking great and free from unsightly damages. Our client in Stamford knew the importance of maintaining their parking lot, and decided to give us a call after another had referred us.

Our client was very pleased with our professionalism, and claimed the “job looks great!” See for yourself below:

Stamford Church Repaving 2  Stamford Church Repaving 3

Stamford Church Repaving 3-5

Stamford Hotel Parking Lot

Repaved Hotel Parking Lot

In Stamford, we were contacted to repave our client’s parking lot area. The appearance of your parking lot for your business is important, as it is the first thing your customers see. Because of this, it is important that you maintain your parking lot to the standards that you maintain your company.


Stamford Parking Lot

Our Stamford client was pleased with the fact that we met the project deadline, which was very important to them. At All Star Paving, we pride ourselves on our efficient, high quality work. Regardless of the project, we will complete it in entirety within the budgeted time frame we have alloted.

Stamford 3-5 2

Call us today for any of your paving needs!

Wilton ASML Factory Parking Lot

In Wilton, we were contacted to complete the ASML Factory, which is over 140,000 square feet. We understand the need for parking lot space, so we worked diligently and efficiently to complete this project for our client. Our technicians reclaimed the parking lot, graded it, paved a binder, and covered the entire lot with a top coat. We were able to complete this project in 8 full business days.

Wilton Factory Aug 8

If you are in need of any parking lot or paving services, we are able to complete the job for you – no matter how large or small your space may be!

Wilton Factory Aug 8 #2Wilton Factory Aug 8 #3


Parking Lot Rebuild Stamford, CT

Parking Lot Rebuild in Stamford

We were called recently by a large property management company about a parking lot in one of their properties in Stamford.  The Parking lot was beyond it’s useful life and had many problem areas.  (Water problems, cracking, crumbling etc)

After our assessment the property management company and condo board agreed that an entire rebuild of the parking lot would be the best action to take.

We removed the entire asphalt surface, re-graded the parking lot and paved it with 1.5″ of binder and 1.5″ of topcoat.  Additionally, we rebuilt the catch basin which should definitely help the property in the future.

The results turned out great.  Both the Condo board and the property management company were very pleased as we finished ahead of schedule.

Grading A Parking Lot in StamfordCatch Basin Reconstruction Stamford CTCatch Basin Parking Lot RepairConstruction of a Parking lotCOmpleted Parking Lot Repair in StamfordParking Lot Paving Stamford, CT Chesterfield condo