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Darien Residents Looking for Asphalt Services?

You have come to the right place! All Star Paving will take care of any and all your paving needs, including parking lot and driveway services, such as:

Because asphalt is bound to need repairs every 2-3 years, we work to build a long term relationship to ensure that you are getting all of your issues fixed quickly and efficiently. Such services we provide include:

  • Driveway Sealcoating: a preventative measure to ensure the longevity of your driveway
  • Crack Filling: our rubber based product is designed to expand and contract as the weather changes

One Darien resident we worked with was extremely pleased with our recommendations along with the finished product. She completely trusted our expertise and extensive knowledge, which allowed for her driveway to look like “a garden rather than an old crumbly thing.”

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More Information on Darien, Connecticut

Voted number 9 on CNN Money‘s list of “Top-Earning Towns” in the United States in 2011, Darien, Connecticut is the ideal location to live. With four quaint parks, two beaches on Long Island Sound, four country clubs, a hunt club and two yacht clubs, Darien is sure to satisfy everyone that visits. Darien is home to 20,732 people with a median income for a household being $160,274.

Many that live in Darien typically commute to work everyday to the surrounding cities, including Manhattan, Norwalk, and Stamford. Aside from its many venues available, Darien’s Ox Ridge Hunt Club sponsors the annual Charity Horse Show held in June, which attracts up to 16,000 spectators and 1,300 equestrians coming from as far as California and Europe.

Darien is known for its exceptionally caring community of individuals. The city also has many different philanthropic groups, including the Darien Book Aid Plan, Darien Community Association, A Better Chance, Center for Hope, Person-to-Person, and more.

The city also provides the opportunity for those looking to partake in a rejuvenating spiritual retreat at The Convent of St. Birgitta, which houses a Swedish order of nuns, has a large waterfront and offers room and board to its guests.

Fredrick J. Meier House

While visiting, check out the notable work of modern architecture known as the Frederick J. Smith House designed by architect Richard Meier. The house accurately represents the beautiful natural surrounds and shapes on the trees, slopes, and shoreline.

Darien has been called home by actors and actresses including Christopher Plummer, Kate Bosworth, Topher Grace, and Chloë Sevigny.

Darien Excavation

Darien Electrical Line Excavation

We were referred to by our newest Darien client to perform an excavation for the electrical line excavation, which is one of the many services we provide at All Star Paving. See some of the process below!

 Darien 3-10 Excavation 2 Darien 3-10 Excavation

Darien Repaving & Coating

Darien Repaving, Top Coat, Curbing Installation

In Darien, we had the pleasure of working with a loyal client that we have worked with in the past. We ripped out, re-graded, and repaved the entire area with binder, finishing off the surface with a top coating. We also performed an excavation and installed light pole bases according to the client’s needs and preferences. Lastly, we installed new belgium block curbing.

3-10 Darien IMG_20130831_111041_889 3-10 Darien IMG_20130831_111047_136 3-10 Darien IMG_20130905_081154_842

Darien Parking Lot Re-Installation

Darien Parking Lot Referral

We tend to receive a lot of new clients through clients that have worked with us in the past, as they have had a great experience with our entire crew and love the results. We know that no matter what the need or service is, you want to make sure the quality is worth the priced value. Because we understand this, we always deliver results that will last as long as possible.

Darien 3-6 1 Darien 3-6 2

Parking Lot Re-Paving in Darien

For our new client, we performed an all over parking lot re-installation. We riped out, re-graded, re-paved the entire parking lot. We also installed all new Belgium block curbing, rebuilt all catch basins, and installed light pole bases and conduit for new parking lot lighting. Our client was pleased that “all the work was completed in a timely fashion and the job looks great!” Darien 3-6 3

Darien Drainage System Installation

H2O Drainage System Installation

We recently installed a water drainage system for our Darien client who was referred to us by a former, loyal client. Take a look at the photos from the job below!

Darien H2o drainage system2 3-5 Darien H2O drainage system 3 3-5

 Darien H2O drainage system 3-5

Darien Driveway Re-Paving

Re-Paving Of A Darien Driveway

In Darien, we had the pleasure of working with a new client who was referred to us by one of our previous clients. The project involved ripping out, re-grading, and re-paving the driveway.

Our client wrote us a letter after the job stating how beautiful the driveway looks. He also said he was very impressed with the skills of our paving crew.

Darien Repave Driveway 3-5-14Darien Driveway Repaving 3-5-14

Darien Driveway Paving

Darien Driveway Paving & Drainage

A recent referral landed us a paving project with a new Darien client. We completed a driveway paving and drainage project. They were very happy with the finished product, claiming the “driveway looks great!”

Take a look and see what you think:

3-4-14 Darien3-4-14 Darien 2