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What Kind Of Maintenance Is Required For Asphalt?

Asphalt provides a durable surface for vehicles to be parked on and is half the cost of concrete, but asphalt does come with maintenance. What kind of maintenance should be completed to asphalt?

One of the most important asphalt maintenance projects is preventing water from building up on and in the asphalt. Water can cause the asphalt to crack. When water gets inside of the cracks, it will fill up and penetrate the base of the asphalt. When there are noticeable cracks in the asphalt, they need to be filled.

Oil or gas that spills onto asphalt can cause damage to the asphalt. If this occurs on the asphalt, then cleaning the oil and gas up immediately will prevent damage to the asphalt. Applying a seal coat every other year to the asphalt can also prevent the oil and gas from seeping into the asphalt and causing damage.

Don’t overload the weight on the asphalt. Asphalt is indeed very durable and strong, but it does have its limitations. You never want to overload weight onto the asphalt. Parking your car in the same spot can lessen the durability to the asphalt, so try to park your car in different spots. For the first year of the asphalt, this should always be done.

Before changing a tire or placing anything with sharp points on the asphalt, there should be a board placed on the asphalt, then the object. Sharp points will puncture the asphalt, possibly puncturing a hole. Water will enter inside the hole and create damage to the asphalt.

Have an annual inspection on the asphalt. A good time to complete the inspection is after the winter months and after the summer months. The winter and summer months create a thawing and freezing sensation to the asphalt. This can cause the asphalt to swell and then shrink. When this happens, cracks begin to form in the asphalt. Filling the cracks will protect the asphalt and prevent them from getting deeper and longer.

Asphalt requires maintenance, there is no way around it. If you plan on your asphalt lasting many years, then you must give your asphalt the care and attention needed.

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