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Professional Firm Needs Service From top Norwalk Asphalt Contractor

A financial advisor firm was needing to have a parking lot installed when they moved offices to a building that they had just purchased. They called All Star Paving & Sealing for the Norwalk asphalt services, and compared us to several other estimates they received. The All Star Paving & Sealing specialists met with the advisors and evaluated and inspected the current parking lot. We were able to provide them with a thorough and affordable estimate that the advisors were happy with, so they hired our company for the job.

The All Star Paving & Sealing team starting on the parking lot project by removing the existing asphalt, then adding a new road base. The crew finished the installation of the asphalt, then returned the following morning to sealcoat the entire lot. Our crew was able to get the new parking lot installed and ready for business very quickly. The customers were impressed with our crew’s knowledge and hard work. The owners were thrilled that they called the best Norwalk asphalt company to install their new parking lot. All Star Paving & Sealing was able to provide them with the most extensive service for the best price. Our crew let the customers know that if they needed any other asphalt services in Norwalk to just give us a call and we would be more than happy to service them and their asphalt. All Star Paving & Sealing is the Norwalk asphalt specialists businesses can depend upon.

All Star Provides Smooth Driveway Paving in Easton

Recently, All Star Paving & Sealing was contacted by an Easton homeowner. The homeowner was an avid birdwatching enthusiast and he had a great setup in his backyard that he enjoyed sitting in to watch the birds. The only problem he had was that their craggily driveway would scare the birds away anytime his wife or kids would pull into the driveway. The homeowner was afraid that with the constant movement in his driveway and scaring of the birds that the birds would not return to his home anymore. He called All Star Paving & Sealing for Easton driveway paving that would make the garage entrance quieter and smooth.

The All Star Paving & Sealing crew arrived at the Easton home and let the customer know that we could do this for him, so he could enjoy his birdwatching and to have a safer and smoother driveway for his family. The crew started the paving process and by the mid-morning the following day the driveway was paved. The customer looked over the driveway and said it looks great, but the real test is when I am in the backyard watching the birds. The homeowner must have been happy with our work because he called us the next day to let us know that he is back to enjoying what he loves most and that is watching birds peacefully. He said his wife came home from the store and he didn’t hear her and the birds didn’t fly away. The customer said he was thrilled that he called All Star Paving & Sealing for the best driveway paving Easton birdwatchers would appreciate.

Darien Asphalt Company Refreshes Home Appearance

A film critic had started teaching a class in New York City. He took on the gig because he thought it would be fulfilling. He didn’t realize the extra income would allow for a bigger personal spend, so he called the best asphalt company in Darien to ask us about driveway maintenance for his home.

The All Star Paving specialists arrived at the film critic’s home in Darien. The team inspected and evaluated his driveway surface thoroughly in order to provide him with an accurate service estimate. We showed him how the cracks in the driveway would cause base damage to the asphalt driveway, which would later require costly repairs. We then discussed several options in asphalt services that would benefit the asphalt along with the homeowner. The customer was highly impressed with the knowledge that our team showed him and he decided to hire our company for his services. All Star Paving was able to provide this customer wish much needed services that would extend the life of his driveway. The customer said he was happy that he called All Star Paving the professional asphalt company in Darien for his driveway needs because our team did not mind explaining everything we would do in detail, and each of the team members conducted themselves in a professional and knowledgeable manner that could even impress a critic as himself. All Star Paving is the asphalt company Darien homeowners can contact for all their asphalt needs.

Westport Driveway Contractor Paves Way for New Garage

All Star Paving had received a call from a scientist in Westport. The scientist was very busy and needed paving for his newly built garage. He called All Star Paving for the best driveway contractor Westport had to offer. A couple of the All Star Paving crew went out to meet with the scientist and give him a bid. He accepted the bid and we were scheduled to start the following week.

The All Star Paving crew arrived at the customer’s home and started the driveway paving. Our crew worked throughout the day until the paving had been completed. The customer was surprised that All Star Paving was able to do the job very quickly and without getting in his hair or needing much of anything, which is a result of All Star Paving being a professional Westport driveway contractor that focusses on getting the job done right the first time and always putting each customer’s needs first. Our crew goes out of their way not to interrupt our customer’s business or daily schedule. We thrive on working around the customer’s needs because we understand that you just want to have your work done on time and with quality. The scientist was able to continue his studying and research while our crew paved his garage. All Star Paving is the driveway contractor that all Westport homeowners can trust to get the job done right each and every time. All Star Paving provided this customer with exactly what he wanted and needed.

Bedford Asphalt Contractor Does Custom Driveway Installation

We recently did a job that was interesting and a little different, but ultimately very straightforward. The customer was relieved when they finally spoke with us in person because we are the asphalt contractor Bedford residents can rely on for their driveway needs (and especially custom work). Our customer needed to have his old gravel driveway expanded, and as you can see from the pictures it is quite a spectacular residence. He had considered some other options (like having a fill team come in and pour some more gravel) that he didn’t feel would be the best option. We recommended a course of action that the homeowner was highly receptive to. We told him we could rip out the existing driveway, then widen the base area where new asphalt would be placed. Finally we would pave the long stretch and sealcoat it. The resulting  driveway would be durable and stately, and would match the elegance of the home.

He spoke with a couple other companies to explore the other options that he had shared with us, but then called us back a few days later. He had even received estimates from some concrete contractors, but he did not seem to have his full faith in these organizations. His ultimate decision, he told us, was that we seemed to be the most knowledgeable, attentive and trustworthy companies.


New Asphalt Driveway All Star Paving

New Asphalt Driveway CT All Star

Stamford Overlay Pleases Customer with Service and Price!

We were called out to Stamford to do a parking lot repair for a customer, Hayden . Hayden’s parking lot needed to have an overlay done. The base was in good shape, but the cracks and small potholes had started. The overlay would make the parking lot safe, and look attractive. We arrived promptly on time, and started working on the parking lot repair. We worked until we had the parking lot repair completed. We called the customer the next day to let us know if the parking lot looked good, because he was not on site when we finished. The customer told us that the parking lot looked great. He said he was really happy with the end results. While we had him on the phone we asked him how he heard about our company, and he said a friend referred him to us. We invited him to leave us any feedback online, and he did a few days later. The feedback was short and to the point, which said,” This company did a great job! Very professional, promptly, and right on the price.”

We would like to thank you for trusting us with your parking lot. All Star Paving & Sealing offers many other services too. We offer parking lot sealing, annual maintenance, and we are a complete asphalt company. Call us anytime you need any parking lot or asphalt services in the future. We appreciate our customers. For more information on our Stamford services, click here!

Stamford overlay parking lot

When Can I Drive Or Park On New Asphalt?

When a homeowner is considering having a new asphalt driveway installed, one of the most important questions a homeowner would like to know is when they will be able to use the driveway. It can be an inconvenience to not be able to drive or park in the driveway, but refraining from doing so for the appropriate time will ensure that there will be no damage to the new asphalt.

The answer to this question can depend on a few factors. One of these factors is the time of the year that the asphalt was laid. In most cases, the homeowner can drive and park on new asphalt within three days. If the new asphalt was added to the home sometime in the hot months of summer, then the homeowner may want to wait a few extra days. The hot weather can add an increased temperature to the asphalt, and the asphalt will hold in this added heat. This can make the new asphalt susceptible to structure damages.

New asphalt can take between six months to a year to fully harden and cure. This time the new asphalt is very susceptible to structural and physical damage. The new asphalt can take on scuff marks in the heat along with becoming very hot. The scuff marks will go away as the new asphalt cures or the temperature cools down.

Walking on the new asphalt can be done in 24 hours, but you should not walk on the new asphalt with high heels or shoes with points. The heels can dig into the new asphalt, causing ruts and holes in the new asphalt. Any sharp shoes such as heels or soccer cleats need to stay off the concrete until it has fully cured.

While the asphalt is curing, these tips will keep the asphalt safe:

*No driving on the asphalt for up to three days, longer if the temperature is hot
*Don’t drive on the edges of the asphalt.
*Try not to use motorcycle or bike stands on the uncured asphalt.
*No heavy trucks on the asphalt.
*Avoid pouring gas or oil on the asphalt.

These tips are just added insurance for producing a safe new asphalt. Driving on new asphalt can usually be done within three days, but the weather can change this. Ask your asphalt contractor to be sure when you can drive or park on the new asphalt.

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How Can I Tell If A Quality Job Was Performed On My Asphalt Project?

Quality work is expected when it comes to your asphalt project. Asphalt that is done with quality can provide a life expectancy of over ten years for the homeowner. How do you know if your asphalt project was done with the quality it needs to last long? A homeowner can check the asphalt project and see if quality and care was used on the asphalt.

When the contractor and employees show up to do the asphalt project, it is important that they remain professional. They should all work and conduct themselves in a proper, professional manner. The workers should not slack, but work throughout the day, minus their breaks and lunch. The workers should make sure that they keep the property clean and safe while working.

The asphalt employees will start by clearing the area to prepare it for the asphalt. The asphalt will be laid and the employees will then compact the asphalt. Once these steps are completed, the employees will tie off the asphalt so that nobody walks or drives on the asphalt. The employees will clean up and pack up everything, and the contractor will have you come out and check the asphalt.

The asphalt should look smooth without any bumps with a black color to surface. There will be no cracks or holes in the asphalt. The contractor may come out and check the asphalt again the next day. After a few days, the asphalt should be very firm and hard. Walk across the asphalt to make sure that it feels sturdy. If there are not any weak places or cracks, then the project was done with quality.

Let a month go by, then check the asphalt again. Is the asphalt still crack free? Does water run off the asphalt, or does it stand on top of the asphalt? If you notice the water runs off, then the asphalt has been installed properly.

If all of these details are positive, then the asphalt project was done with high quality and craftsmanship. The contractor has supplied you with quality asphalt and work. The asphalt will just need to be maintained to provide a long life. This is your job as the homeowner! Keep the asphalt free of cracks and holes. Also make sure to have the seal coating applied every three years for your asphalt to truly last.

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Wilton Cracked Pavement Repair

Kellan Jackson from Wilton, CT, called us after his friend recommended us to him. He works for a large factory that was needing the pavement to be reclaimed, graded, paved binder course and wearing course. A binder course is a course aggregate bound with bitumen between the foundation and wearing course of an asphalt pavement. A wearing course is the upper layer that is on the baser course or subbase. There are different types meant for different surfaces. The original pavement was cracked and needed to be re-done. Our crew got to work and we were able to meet the set deadline. Kellan was pleased with us because since it is a 24 hour factory, it was important that we met all deadlines.

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Wilton Factory Pavement Redone Wilton Factory Pavement Redone

What Questions Should Be Asked Of An Asphalt Contractor?

Asking questions to an asphalt contractor is just as important as asking questions to a lawyer before you hire them. You would want to make sure the lawyer is qualified to handle your case before they are hired to take your case. You surely wouldn’t want to just take his word for it when it comes to his qualifications! The same goes for an asphalt contractor. An asphalt contractor can answer your questions in order for you to decide if they are the right contractor for your asphalt project.

Top Five Questions to Ask an Asphalt Contractor:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • Are you licensed?
  • Do you have references?
  • Do you offer a guarantee?

Why are these top five questions important to ask an asphalt contractor? These five questions will give you a clue into knowing if the asphalt contractor is a qualified and experienced contractor. If the contractor has been in business five years, ten years or less than one year, then this says something about the contractor. A contractor that has been in business five or more years plans on staying in business. They are conducting business around your area and can also provide references for you to call. It doesn’t mean an asphalt contractor that has been in business less than one year is shady – everyone has to start somewhere. Maybe that contractor has worked for another well-known asphalt contractor that will give a good, honest evaluation on that particular contractor.

Having insurance and a license is very important, which is why this is one of the most important questions to ask. You never want to allow any contractor on your property to do any work unless they are insured. If anyone were to get hurt or your property was damaged, then the contractor has no insurance. Guess who is stuck with that bill? You are. Never take a chance with a contractor who doesn’t have insurance! A license that is obtained by the contractor will let you know the contractor is serious enough about their profession to be licensed.

Finding out if there is a guarantee that accompanies their work is also necessary for you to know. If anything were to go wrong with the asphalt project, then you would want this repaired. If there is no guarantee, you will have to pay to have the repair work done. The contractor can give you a guarantee for the asphalt project.

These are the top five questions that should be asked by every homeowner looking to have an asphalt project completed. A qualified asphalt contractor will gladly ask your questions. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions to anyone you are hiring for projects around your home, as it can end up saving you money in the long run.

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