Asphalt Paving Contractor – How to Choose one.

Asphalt Paving Contractor – How to Choose one.

Obviously, you need to feel comfortable with the Asphalt Paving Contractor you use.  You also need to make sure the contractor is capable of performing the job.  The following are some questions you can ask to help you filter through the incapable and unscrupulous.

Where are you based out of?

You want to work with an Asphalt Paving Contractor that is relatively local.  Potential contractors should have a number of jobs close by that you can look at.  If they don’t normally work in your area it will be problematic in the future when you need something done to the driveway.  Please take notice of this because it is very important

All Star is based in Stamford Connecticut.  We own a 1 acre facility that we operate out of.  Our office, machine yard, material yard and repair facility are under one roof.  Being organized helps us to perform at a very high level of efficiency at all times.

Are you insured?

Chances are the answer will be yes but ask for proof.  Your prospective contractor should have auto, liability and workman’s comp insurance at a minimum.  Although it’s not mandatory by the state, you need to make sure that any contractor you hire has workman’s compensation insurance.  This will protect you God forbid someone gets hurt on your property.  If your contractor does not have any one of these insurances or they cannot provide proof then don’t walk away, RUN.

All Star presents every client with proof of insurance upon our first consultation.

Do you have any references?

Any decent contractor should be able to point you to a number of jobs close by.  If you want the added comfort of speaking with a reference, the contractor should have no problem providing you with a name and number.  If they don’t have a reference then what kind of contractor are they?

Here is another trick if you’re not too sure about someone you are interviewing.  Ask them if they can provide you the name and number of someone that they had a problem with.  Every paving contractor at some point has a problem with a job.  A contractor with integrity stands behind their work and will fix the problem should it come up.  If your contractor can’t give you the name of someone they corrected a problem for then you should beware.

All Star has plenty of jobs you can look at.  Upon request, we will provide plenty of references.  Whatever you need to feel comfortable we will provide.

How many employees do you have?

This will help you get an idea of how large of a contractor you’re dealing with.  If the answer is 30 or more you know you are dealing with a very large contractor.  Larger contractors have a higher turnover rate with employees than smaller ones.  At this point you are probably dealing with a salesman who may or may not be there when you call the next time.  Be aware that you may not get the personal attention you want and that you will probably never meet the principal owner of the company.

If the answer is 5-8 you are probably working with a small owner operator.  Some of these companies are a reasonable choice for smaller jobs but struggle when they try to pave a larger driveway.  If you have a large driveway the pave crew itself should be no less than 10 people.

All Star employs 15 people for field operations in the height of the season.  T.J. personally manages every job and Matt handles all of the consulting and estimating.  We also have an office manager fielding the daily calls.  That makes us a team of 18 people during the height of the season.  Being this size enables us to give personal attention to every client as well as being large enough to handle any project that comes our way.