Asphalt Driveway Repair

Asphalt Driveway Repair

Here at All Star Paving, Driveway Repair has always been a big part of our service.  Our recommendation for repairing a driveway depends on the condition of a particular driveway.  Every situation is different but there are some basic guidelines to follow when evaluating your driveway.

When Should I Replace My Driveway?Driveway Repair All Star Paving CT

If a driveway is completely cracked up and heaved there is really no fix but to remove and replace the driveway.  A lot of cracking is a sign of unstable base material.  The best thing to do is remove the asphalt and re-stabilize the base.  The base gets re-stabilized by adding ¾” processed road base, fine grading and compacting.  After the driveway is prepared we pave with 2 ½” of new asphalt.  Sometimes we use more or less asphalt depending on the application.  Call our office today to discuss your driveway paving needs.

What are my Driveway Repair Options?

Asphalt Overlay– When a driveway only has a small amount of cracking can sometimes be overlaid.  If there is not significant heaving and cracking the driveway could be a good candidate for an overlay.  Things that need to be considered are drainage and elevation.  With an overlay we will be adding 1 ½” to the surface.  Will that cause any trip hazards or drainage issues? Once the condition is confirmed to be okay to overlay those are the next thing we want to look at. If everything looks good the process is as follows.  We cut keyways wherever necessary.  This will allow us to butt flush to the existing garage floor, walkways etc.  Then we give the driveway a good cleaning and apply tack coat adhesive.  This will help bond the new layer of asphalt to the old.  We apply a true and leveling course of asphalt to fill in voids.  Finally we pave the driveway with 1 ½” of new asphalt.

Driveway Repair project All Star Paving Stamford CT.Cutting and Driveway Patching– If a driveway is in relatively good condition but there are one or two bad areas, cutting and patching may be an option to consider. We would saw cut the perimeter of the area to be patched and remove the asphalt. The area will be prepared the same as with paving. We apply tack coat adhesive to the vertical edges of the patch. This will help bond new asphalt to old. Finally we pave the area with new asphalt. When considering a patch you must understand that the new and old asphalt will not match. The new asphalt will be black where the older asphalt has probably turned gray. The difference in appearance between the two can be mitigated with seal coating but not eliminated.

Driveway Sealcoating–  Sealcoating is preventive maintenance.  It will not fix anything.  I constantly relate sealer to paint because homeowners understand the limitations of paint.  If you paint over a cracked up wall you will have a freshly painted cracked up wall.  The same holds true for your driveway.  Sealer will not fix unraveling.  It will not fix potholes or cracks.  In order to fix those issues the driveway will need additional work.

Why Choose All Star for your Driveway Repair

We have benefitted from being hands on owners.  Our workmanship, knowledge and professionalism are what set us apart from our competition.  We have developed a streamlined system that takes our clients through the entire process in a timely manner.  Our clients develop a high level of comfort and trust because of how smooth the process goes.  As a consumer, you should not have to deal with a company that doesn’t make themselves readily available.

From our first meeting you will have all the contact info for Matt and T. J.  You will deal directly with us throughout the entire process.  What our clients appreciate about us most is that they know they have us here for future support.  They know 10 years from now when they need to do something to their driveway that they will deal with Matt and T.J.