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Easton Parking Lot Wows Shoppers

A new retail center that needed the best parking lot paving Easton shoppers could count on called us All Star Paving. The new retail center development owner had been focusing on the all the stores that was going in the center and getting them all rented out and ready for a big grand opening. WhenContinue Reading

Stamford Parking Lot Paving Never Looked So Good!

Our workers completed a fantastic parking lot paving that made the lot look beautiful! See what our customers said!Continue Reading

Parking Lot Paving Saves Replacement

It isn’t always necessary to completely replace your parking lot. This customer just needed some paving to be done and our customer was happy with our work. Check it out!Continue Reading

Parking Lot Repair Saves Hassle and Time

Parking lots become damaged over time, but that doesn’t mean it all needs to be replaced. We repaired this driveway- see what the residents said!Continue Reading

Darien Parking Lot Re-Installation

Darien Parking Lot Referral We tend to receive a lot of new clients through clients that have worked with us in the past, as they have had a great experience with our entire crew and love the results. We know that no matter what the need or service is, you want to make sure theContinue Reading

Parking Lot Re-Paving Stamford

Stamford Parking Lot Re-Paving One of our loyal clients that we have worked with in the past was in need of our parking lot re-paving services. To make sure the parking lot was of the highest quality possible, we wanted to perform the proper project process in order for the surface to last as longContinue Reading

Stamford Parking Lot Repaving

Asphalt Repaving: Stamford Church Parking Lot A brand new repaving keeps your asphalt surface looking great and free from unsightly damages. Our client in Stamford knew the importance of maintaining their parking lot, and decided to give us a call after another had referred us. Our client was very pleased with our professionalism, and claimedContinue Reading

Stamford Hotel Parking Lot

Repaved Hotel Parking Lot In Stamford, we were contacted to repave our client’s parking lot area. The appearance of your parking lot for your business is important, as it is the first thing your customers see. Because of this, it is important that you maintain your parking lot to the standards that you maintain yourContinue Reading

Wilton ASML Factory Parking Lot

In Wilton, we were contacted to complete the ASML Factory, which is over 140,000 square feet. We understand the need for parking lot space, so we worked diligently and efficiently to complete this project for our client. Our technicians reclaimed the parking lot, graded it, paved a binder, and covered the entire lot with aContinue Reading

Parking Lot Rebuild Stamford, CT

Parking Lot Rebuild in Stamford We were called recently by a large property management company about a parking lot in one of their properties in Stamford.  The Parking lot was beyond it’s useful life and had many problem areas.  (Water problems, cracking, crumbling etc) After our assessment the property management company and condo board agreedContinue Reading

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