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Professional Firm Needs Service From top Norwalk Asphalt Contractor

A financial advisor firm was needing to have a parking lot installed when they moved offices to a building that they had just purchased. They called All Star Paving & Sealing for the Norwalk asphalt services, and compared us to several other estimates they received. The All Star Paving & Sealing specialists met with theContinue Reading

All Star Provides Smooth Driveway Paving in Easton

Recently, All Star Paving & Sealing was contacted by an Easton homeowner. The homeowner was an avid birdwatching enthusiast and he had a great setup in his backyard that he enjoyed sitting in to watch the birds. The only problem he had was that their craggily driveway would scare the birds away anytime his wifeContinue Reading

Darien Asphalt Company Refreshes Home Appearance

A film critic had started teaching a class in New York City. He took on the gig because he thought it would be fulfilling. He didn’t realize the extra income would allow for a bigger personal spend, so he called the best asphalt company in Darien to ask us about driveway maintenance for his home.Continue Reading

Westport Driveway Contractor Paves Way for New Garage

All Star Paving had received a call from a scientist in Westport. The scientist was very busy and needed paving for his newly built garage. He called All Star Paving for the best driveway contractor Westport had to offer. A couple of the All Star Paving crew went out to meet with the scientist andContinue Reading

Bedford Asphalt Contractor Does Custom Driveway Installation

We recently did a job that was interesting and a little different, but ultimately very straightforward. The customer was relieved when they finally spoke with us in person because we are the asphalt contractor Bedford residents can rely on for their driveway needs (and especially custom work). Our customer needed to have his old gravel driveway expanded, andContinue Reading

Stamford Overlay Pleases Customer with Service and Price!

Service, price and quality are all important in the price of an overlay. This customer found us to be the perfect company! See what they said after our overlay job!Continue Reading

When Can I Drive Or Park On New Asphalt?

If you are about to have your driveway re-done and are wondering how long you will need to be off your driveway, read our recent blog post!Continue Reading

How Can I Tell If A Quality Job Was Performed On My Asphalt Project?

Quality work is expected when it comes to your asphalt project, yet some companies don’t deliver that. Check out our blog, so you won’t be fooled!Continue Reading

Wilton Cracked Pavement Repair

Check out our latest post! We recently repaved our customer’s pavement surface and the results are great!Continue Reading

What Questions Should Be Asked Of An Asphalt Contractor?

Asking questions to an asphalt contractor is just as important as asking questions to a lawyer before you hire them. You would want to make sure the lawyer is qualified to handle your case before they are hired to take your case. You surely wouldn’t want to just take his word for it when itContinue Reading

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