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Warehouse Retailer Expands; Calls for Asphalt Contractor in Westport

A bulk warehouse retailer had recently opened a new auto and tire shop portion at their location. They needed driveways leading to each service bay, so they called the best Westport asphalt contractor available, which is All Star Paving & Sealing. Our professional crew met with the retailer owners so we could look over theContinue Reading

Hardware Store Calls for Annual Parking Lot Maintenance in Greenwich

The All Star Paving & Sealing experts received a call from a business owner in Greenwich. The hardware store owner was doing an overview of all their facilities and infrastructure and called us in for Greenwich parking lot maintenance. The hardware store owner always does an overview of his business around the start of theContinue Reading

Professional Firm Needs Service From top Norwalk Asphalt Contractor

A financial advisor firm was needing to have a parking lot installed when they moved offices to a building that they had just purchased. They called All Star Paving & Sealing for the Norwalk asphalt services, and compared us to several other estimates they received. The All Star Paving & Sealing specialists met with theContinue Reading

All Star Provides Smooth Driveway Paving in Easton

Recently, All Star Paving & Sealing was contacted by an Easton homeowner. The homeowner was an avid birdwatching enthusiast and he had a great setup in his backyard that he enjoyed sitting in to watch the birds. The only problem he had was that their craggily driveway would scare the birds away anytime his wifeContinue Reading

All Star is the Informed Decision Maker’s Bedford Driveway Contractor

A local academic had decided that he needed a Bedford driveway contractor to replace his old and worn out driveway. He realized after doing a bit of research that a blacktop surface would do much better with the elements and would provide a nice curb appeal too. While the mathematician was conducting his research heContinue Reading

Diligent Homeowner Calls to Maintain Blacktop Driveway in Fairfield

A Fairfield homeowner wanted to have a Fairfield blacktop driveway repaired and seal coated as a part of their regular five year maintenance plan. All Star Paving & Sealing team arrived at the home and evaluated the driveway and since the homeowner had signed up for the five year maintenance plan we agreed with theContinue Reading

Weston Parking Lot Maintenance for Local Toy Store

A toy store was needing fast parking lot maintenance in Weston after all of the holiday shopping rushes were over. The toy store owner noticed when going to the store that the parking lot needed attention quickly, because his store had received so much traffic during the holiday season that the traffic really added stressContinue Reading

Restaurant Needs Easton Asphalt Paving

Recently, All Star Paving was contacted by a Chinese restaurant owner that was planning on opening the restaurant soon. The restaurant owner wanted to have his back loading dock repaved, so he called All Star Paving for our excellent Easton asphalt paving services. The customer explained that the current loading dock had been neglected byContinue Reading

Darien Asphalt Company Refreshes Home Appearance

A film critic had started teaching a class in New York City. He took on the gig because he thought it would be fulfilling. He didn’t realize the extra income would allow for a bigger personal spend, so he called the best asphalt company in Darien to ask us about driveway maintenance for his home.Continue Reading

Easton Parking Lot Wows Shoppers

A new retail center that needed the best parking lot paving Easton shoppers could count on called us All Star Paving. The new retail center development owner had been focusing on the all the stores that was going in the center and getting them all rented out and ready for a big grand opening. WhenContinue Reading

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