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Westport Driveway Contractor Paves Way for New Garage

All Star Paving had received a call from a scientist in Westport. The scientist was very busy and needed paving for his newly built garage. He called All Star Paving for the best driveway contractor Westport had to offer. A couple of the All Star Paving crew went out to meet with the scientist andContinue Reading

Copy Shop Needs Asphalt Repair in Bedford

A Bedford copy shop needed their parking lot repaired. The owner noticed that it had developed many cracks and a few chips had turned into potholes. The owner knew that he had let the parking lot repairs go for too long and needed to have it fixed quickly. He called the company providing the bestContinue Reading

Norwalk Paving Company is Recognized as All Star

All Star Paving & Sealing was scheduled for a routine parking lot maintenance for a customer in Norwalk. The customer set up a routine parking lot maintenance for their business. He called us because he knew that we provided the best paving Norwalk had available. The maintenance that the crew was scheduled to perform wasContinue Reading

Asphalt Repair Repair in Darien, CT

We were scheduled to give service to a homeowner in Darien. The homeowner hired All Star Paving & Sealing to do his Darien Asphalt repair for his driveway. The driveway had become uneven in several spots, and cracks were also present. The crew arrived promptly as scheduled, and started the repairs. The crew finished theContinue Reading

Bedford Asphalt Contractor Does Custom Driveway Installation

We recently did a job that was interesting and a little different, but ultimately very straightforward. The customer was relieved when they finally spoke with us in person because we are the asphalt contractor Bedford residents can rely on for their driveway needs (and especially custom work). Our customer needed to have his old gravel driveway expanded, andContinue Reading

Food Market Calls in the Top Easton Asphalt Contractor

We received a call from a popular organic foods market owner in Easton. The owner wanted to expand their driveway, and add a small area for a bike rack to accommodate their loyal customers, so they called the most qualified asphalt contractor Easton had to offer, All Star Paving & Sealing. A couple of theContinue Reading

Norwalk Asphalt Gives Gas Station Huge Improvement

A Norwalk gas station owner was trying to think of ways to increase his business. His wife suggested adding a car wash to the gas station because many car owners like to fill up on gas and have their car washed. The owner agreed with his wife, and starting planning on adding a car washContinue Reading

Fairfield Driveway Contractor Repairs Damage Quickly

All Star Paving & Sealing was contacted by a young man in Fairfield. The man had recently rented a dumpster that was rolled off onto his driveway. He was doing some spring cleaning, and he knew he would need a dumpster to remove all the junk from his home. Everything was fine until he hadContinue Reading

Driveway Paving in Bedford Family Make a Sale!

A Bedford family had done a lot of cleaning in their house this summer and wanted to have a garage sale, which made them take a look at the curb appearance of their home. They all agreed that their driveway was in rough shape, and called All Star Paving & Sealing to have their BedfordContinue Reading

Norwalk Parking Lot Repair for Local Business Owner

A business owner in Norwalk called us out to do a parking lot repair for his business. The business owner, Trish Calvin owned a business, and her parking lot had several potholes, cracks, and was very unappealing. Trish wanted her parking lot repaired, so her customers would not be injured, and their vehicles would beContinue Reading

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